Metting with the Deputy of the European Parliament

Metting with the Deputy of the European Parliament

Metting with the Deputy of the European Parliament

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The President of the Syrian Student Union, Mr. Muhammed Elsukkeri, along with his representative in the United States of America Ms. Ghufran Alrahal, recently convened a meeting with Mrs. Katrin Langensiepen, Deputy of the European Parliament 🇪🇺 and Mr. Mouatasem Alrifai, a Syrian Human Rights Activist and Member of the Nuremberg Council for Integration and Immigration.

During this meeting, the Syrian student representatives expressed their sincere gratitude for the presence of their esteemed guests, who graciously accepted their invitation to introduce the Union and engage in discussions regarding the organization's activities. These activities primarily revolve around providing support to Syrian students both within Syria and Turkey, as well as across the globe.

Throughout the meeting, various aspects of their roles and the tools employed in executing their responsibilities were discussed. Emphasis was placed on the pivotal role of democracy as a tool and cultural cornerstone, as well as the unwavering commitment to upholding human rights. The participants collectively aspired to a future Syria devoid of the Assad regime, fostering an environment that welcomes all Syrian citizens.

Mrs. Katrin Langensiepen reaffirmed her commitment to supporting Syrian students in their efforts to rebuild Syria and establish a free, non-dictatorial society. She further advocated for the empowerment of Syrian women within the Union's spaces.

In conclusion, both parties reached an agreement to extend support to the Union in Germany and to bolster the aid provided to Syrian students. This meeting serves as a critical step in the ongoing expansion of the Syrian International Student Union and the delegitimization of the Assad regime's affiliated union.

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